For Authors

Eborn Books publishes works of a historical, doctrinal, and biographical nature about people or aspects of the LDS or Mormon Faith. We welcome manuscripts that capture and present material that is not published anywhere else. Some of our authors are scholars, others simply individuals with a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the historical figures of the faith. If you would like to submit your manuscript for publication please feel free to do so as we are always interested in new manuscripts that meet our publishing interests. We highly recommend having your book as press ready as possible prior to submission. Please ensure that your manuscript has been edited, peer-reviewed, and represents thorough research and development. Good luck, and we look forward to reading your material. Submit manuscripts to:

Eborn Books Attn: Submissions
254 S. Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT. 84101


For fiction authors:

Eborn Books, under the imprint of Shady Hill Press, has been interested in publishing works of fiction. However, due to the unique demands of marketing and publishing/distributing works of fiction, we would first encourage you to submit your book through a unique and powerful service called Beta|Read. This service will review your book, and based on their accreditation of your manuscript, we will consider it for publication. You are still free to submit your manuscript to us, however, to give your manuscript the greatest advantage for publication with Eborn Books, please submit through Beta|Read. If it meet our criteria of publishing, Beta|Read will automatically submit the manuscript to us with their endorsement.